My name is Nala and I am a 3 year old Boxer. Kirsty walks me four days a week and we have a great time together playing lots of fetch. I love to make friends with every dog and person I meet, even sheep but they never respond to me which makes me sad! My favourite thing to do is have cuddles and kisses from my owners, and Kirsty of course! :) x



My name is Toby and I am an 8 year old staffy cross. I was rescued when I was younger so I am not very good at meeting other dogs and have to be distracted with treats which is great for me as i love them so much! Walking and eating are my two favourite things! Kirsty takes me out 3 afternoons a week and I can't contain my excitement when she arrives! :) x 


Our names are Teddy, Freddie and Rosie! We are 3 very adorable Dachshunds. Kirsty looks after us and lives with us when our owner goes on holidays and we always have so much fun together. We are extra cuddly and love sleeping on Kirsty's face when its bedtime, we forget she needs to breathe! oops! Our favourite thing is to just be with people at all times, and we are huge lovers of sprats! We always make sure Kirsty doesn't forget our extra treat after our dinner! :) x 




Let us introduce ourselves! We are the famous chihuahuas!. Our names are Chi Chi, Salvador, Pebbles, Purdy, Chica Bella and Minnie. We like to show strangers whose boss when they come to the door because we like to protect our home and our Mum! We barked a lot when we first met Kirsty but now we are used to her coming over three times a week and we are all the best of friends, although Salvador needs some convincing! :) x




Our names are Finley, Monty and Angus and we are 3 very cute Border Terriers. Kirsty takes us for walkies on Monday and Friday afternoons and we always hear her before she sees us and race over to her with excitement. We love exploring in the woods and are very good at coming back to Kirsty when she calls us. After walkies are favourite thing to do is have a our dental sticks. We never let Kirsty forget! :) x 



My name is Toby. I was born on 17th February 2017 and I am a Working Cocker. Kirsty takes me for my walks 3 days a week and we have lots of fun together. My favourite thing to do is play frisbee or fetch my ball, sometimes when I get too tired I take myself off to little stream and have a cool down! Kirsty doesn't mind me getting wet as I'm such a good boy during my towel dry and always give her whichever paw she needs :) x 



My name is Clementine but you can call me Clemmi. I was born on 15th January 2017 and I am a Bernese Mountain Dog. I am a very big puppy. I suffer from Hip Dysplasia so unfortunately Kirsty cannot walk me very far as I get very stiff, so Kirsty spends time with me indoors instead. She gives me my food and my medication, and then she plays with me and my toys, followed by lots of cuddles. I can be a little mischevious when I'm on my own and I will find anything I can to chew on, my favourite chew toys are sky remotes, apparently I've gone through six of them already :) x 

My name is Twisleton, but you can call me Twiss for short. I was born on 30th April 2016 and I am a Golden Retriever. Kirsty walks me four times a week and I always get so excited to see her when she comes to pick me up. I love cuddles and having my tummy tickled and I especially love people. I always try to charm as many people as possible on my walks so I can get extra cuddles from strangers, but sometimes I'm covered in mud so no cuddling happens! I also like to play dead. I have lots of fun on the field with Kirsty but I always bark at the horses. They're SO big!! :)



My name is Winnie. I was born on 3rd August 2016 and I am a Cavapoo. I live with my little sister Mabel who is below me, and I love pinching her toys. I love to play and cuddle but my favourite sleeping spot at home is definitely the back of the couch. It's so comfy. I am a huge lover of walkies and I love to get as muddy as possible. I love being adventurous and love playing in the water. I'm also a huge lover of cocktail sausages! :) x 






My name is Mabel. I was born on 12th July 2017 and I am a Cavapoo. I live with my sister Winnie who is above. Whenever we go for walkies I always find a stick to carry with me, it is my favourite thing to do and I don't understand why my sister doesn't want to do it either! I love making friends with every dog I meet and always roll over for them to sniff me :) x 





My name is Alfie, I was born on April 30th 2012 and I am a King Charles Cavalier. Kirsty now walks me on a Wednesday and Thursday and I get very excited to see her. We go on long walks through all the fields but I like to try and avoid mud as much as possible! My favourite thing to do is eat and sit on people's knees. As much as I love my walkies with Kirsty, I also love when she takes me back home, she gives me the best towel rub and it sends me into such a trance! :) x



My name is Claude. I was born in September 2012 and I am a Shihtzu who lives in Higham. I am a very happy boy and I'm very pleased to have Kirsty take me for my walks on  Monday and Tuesday mornings. I am blind in one eye, but that doesn't stop me from having a bark at other dogs that walk past me, I like to show them whose boss! When it rains it makes me happy because I love showing off my Tweed jacket and make all the other dogs jealous of how dapper I look :) x 






My name is Jarvis and I am a Shih-Poo! I have recently started going for walkies with Kirsty and already get so excited to see her that I run up and down the stairs none stop! I am very good with sheep so I get so explore up hills near my home. Here I am enjoying one of the lovely views of the Ribble Valley! My favourite thing to do is eat treats! :) x



My name is Daisy and I am a 10 year old Whippet who lives with my brother Yoda the friendly cat! I am a huge fan of playing with my teddies and I love to play hide and seek! (My favourite hiding spot is under the duvet!) Kirsty walks me as and when my Mum needs me and I always get very excited to see her! We go for walkies in lots of different places and I love meeting other dogs that pass me by, I also love wiggling my bum! :) x


My name is Cooper and I am a 2 year old Lhasa Apso. I live in Old Langho with my Mum and Dad. Kirsty takes me for walkies on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I get super excited to see her! She usually takes me on the field to play fetch with my ball, but sometimes I don't always like giving it back once I've caught it! When I'm not busy playing fetch, I love watching the lambs. They always come over to me when they spot me, I presume they think I'm one of them! :) x 

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